How to Build the Perfect LinkedIn Profile for Accounting Jobs

Of all the online tools for finding work as a financial professional, LinkedIn is certainly one of the most important and powerful. Today, we want to share our top seven tips to help you build the perfect LinkedIn profile for accounting jobs.

Remember that these are based on years of experience and perspective that includes both sides of the candidate and employer relationship – put them to use and you might find that the process of finding your perfect accounting job gets a lot easier:

1. Give employers and financial recruiters a complete profile to look at. If you’re serious about finding an accounting job, or just networking with other professionals, then your LinkedIn profile should have all the basic information others would expect to find, like your current position, educational background, and job history.

2. Pay close attention to the details that matter most. Although it goes without saying that you want everything in your LinkedIn profile to be accurate, it’s a good idea to have a professional photo, up-to-date contact information, and your most recent employment or educational history.

3. Make yourself easy to find by using the right keywords. Think of the words employers might use to describe you, or someone who has the kind of job you want to get. These become search terms that need to be present in your LinkedIn profile to make it easy for employers and recruiters to find you.

4. Highlight languages and special skills in your LinkedIn profile for accounting jobs. You want to let employers and recruiters know if you have special skills, are fluent with different types of accounting software, or speak more than one language. These might seem like small details to you, but they could be incredibly important for a particular accounting job opening.

5. Decide whether to follow an active or passive strategy. If you’re interested in learning about opportunities, but aren’t actively looking for a job, you’ll want to be careful about the connections you make and messages you send, so that you don’t cause problems with your current employer. When you are actively looking for a new accounting job, on the other hand, you’ll want to be more open and aggressive about making new connections and exploring opportunities you see.

6. Don’t be the person that employers find easy to ignore. No matter how open you are with your job search, however, you don’t want to be too aggressive and inquire about every opening you see. That tells employers that you’re desperate, and could lead them to ignore your resume or profile if they see it too often.

7. Get recommendations and endorsements from others. Employers are going to put more trust into the public praise you get from others than they are your own assessment of your skills. For that reason, getting recommendations and endorsements can go a long way towards building credibility in your accounting job search.

Creating a strong LinkedIn profile for accounting jobs isn’t difficult if you know what guidelines to follow, and what employers are looking for. So, follow these tips and make your job search easier and faster.

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About the Author: Dejan Ristic

In 2004, I founded Exceleris. In addition to managing all recruitment aspects of Exceleris, I have consulted (as CFO or in similar roles) with a number of technology companies (both publicly traded and venture funded start-ups)....