Growth and Succession

Growth & Succession

Recruitment & Succession Planning for Finance, Accounting & Taxation

Finding the right financial executives for your organization can be difficult… and replacing them without causing disruptions to your business can be almost impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the right recruitment firm – one that has a focus and experience on finding financial professionals in Montreal – on your side, helping you to get in touch with candidates no one else can?

Why Exceleris is Unique in Financial Recruitment and Succession Planning

Our company is more than just another recruitment partner. Founded by two CPA CAs, we know the industry well. Decades of combined experience have taught us that succession planning for financial executives is about more than matching resumes to the requirements of the position; it takes a deep understanding of the opportunity, and the financial professional, to find the perfect fit.

For that reason, the cornerstone of our financial succession planning approach is taking the time to build our network, getting to know everyone we work with, and then carefully matching candidates to employers. We won’t send you lots of people to meet, only a handpicked few that are perfect for what you need.

Here are a few more reasons to work with Exceleris for your recruitment needs:

  • The years we spend getting to know the financial professionals in our network gives them a trust they don’t have in other recruiting companies
  • With succession planning, we take a long-term view of placement, working to find the perfect candidate, not just the first one available
  • We know that succession and growth planning can be sensitive topics, and treat each of these assignments with a high degree of confidentiality and discretion
Find out how Exceleris takes a different approach to financial succession planning in Montreal. Call or e-mail us to set up an appointment today.