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Financial Recruitment in Montreal That Goes Beyond Resumes & Job Descriptions

At Exceleris, one of the things that we are most proud of is our long track record of helping human resources teams to find the candidates they need. Because we are able to assist them efficiently, discreetly, and with the perspective that only experienced financial professionals can provide, many of our human resources partners have come to us time and time again.

How Exceleris Can Help Human Resources Departments

We know that financial recruitment in Montreal is more than a numbers game. Our founders have spent decades building up a comprehensive network of contacts, meaning we can help you locate candidates that you couldn’t otherwise find. In fact, most of the professionals we know aren’t actively looking for work, but are open to exploring the right opportunity.

The Exceleris approach is to look for the right match between an opening and a candidate, not just to study job descriptions and names from a database. That means we can assist your human resources department with:

  • Finding financial, taxation, and accounting professionals
  • Discreet and confidential searches for succession planning and executive replacement
  • Client-oriented recruiting that’s based on targeted candidate matching and a superior understanding of the accounting, taxation and finance field

Whether you are turning to us because you need to streamline the financial recruiting process, because you need candidates that are a better match for your opportunity, or simply because you want the industry’s best professionals and network on your side, the experienced team at Exceleris can help.

It only takes a phone call to get started, so why not reach out and let us help you find the perfect candidate today?