Exceleris Matches Top Professionals With Accounting, Taxation & Finance Jobs in Montreal

Candidates for accounting, finance and taxation openings in Montreal appreciate Exceleris for the same reason that employers do: because we know that forming the right relationships is the key to making a great long-term match from a candidate to an opportunity and vice versa.

Our reputation is based on a wealth of industry experience, and a unique perspective. The financial professionals we meet know we aren’t simply looking to fill a position – we help guide them to career opportunities that move them forward, not just to a different job.

As part of that process, we want to get to know you. We want to know not just your resume, but your personality, your goals, and your ideal working environment. Once we have that background, we’ll keep you in mind for opportunities that are right for you as they come up, not send you on endless rounds of interviews.

Here are a few other ways that Exceleris is different from other Montreal financial and accounting recruiting firms you might’ve worked with in the past:

We don’t work with everyone. We focus on mid-level management to CFO-level financial, accounting and taxation jobs in Montreal, which gives us an unmatched perspective in the field. Additionally, we won’t just work with any company; we only do business with employers that value human capital as a resource and take care of their employees.

We take your privacy seriously. Since most of our candidates are already employed, we know how important it is to keep your information confidential, and won’t share it with new employers without your permission. Learn more about our privacy policy.

We know there is more to an opportunity than the salary and requirements. Having worked in the financial industry ourselves, we know firsthand what it takes to make the right fit between candidates and employers. If you’re concerned about growth, career path, work-life balance, or location, we can help you find the right opportunity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for accounting, taxation or finance opportunities in Montreal right now, or even if you aren’t sure whether you will be in the future. If you are the kind of person who stands out for doing excellent work, we’d like to have you as a part of our network. The majority of our placements come from candidates we have known for years, so give us the chance to get to know you.

Why don’t we talk about your future soon? Contact us today to find out more.