The Real Question That Matters When it Comes to Accounting Recruitment in Montréal

Here at Exceleris, we work with a lot of Montréal companies that either haven’t worked with an accounting recruiting firm before, or haven’t had the results they were hoping for when they did. And so, one of the common questions they tend to ask us right off the bat is: “Can you help us to find the right person?”

Experience has taught us that’s a decent question, and a reasonable one to ask, but we think a better one is: “What will we have to go through to find the right person?”

That’s because, when you think about it, you are very likely to eventually find the right person – you work with a company like ours because you’re hoping to speed the process up, and to avoid wasting lots of time and money on pointless interviews and bad hiring decisions. The right Montréal accounting recruitment team will help reduce that possibility by learning about the position and ensuring that you don’t have to sort through dozens of unqualified candidates to find the right one.

How do we do that? It comes from a mixture of:

Asking the right questions. As we are fond of reminding people, an accounting or financial job is so much more than the sum of the parts of its description. For that reason, we don’t just ask a lot of questions, but try to go deeper than our competitors, finding out what it takes to truly make someone successful not just in a job, but in your organization as a whole. The more we know about you and your needs as an employer, the better recommendations we can make at every step in the process.

Understanding the financial and accounting industry. Even two candidates who have nearly identical employment histories in their resumes can have different qualifications, skill sets, and ambitions. Because of our personal experience in the financial and accounting industry, we can get to know candidates, and current openings, in a way that helps us to make a match that’s likely to be a good one for years to come.

And having a deep network. Very often, the perfect candidate for an opening isn’t one who is actively looking for new work at the moment. Through our network of professionals, built up over decades, we can get in touch with men and women who are very unlikely to come across your listing or send you a resume… but may listen if the ideal opportunity were to come along. In that way, we are able to help our clients expand their searches to candidates that they would otherwise be literally unable to reach.

Want to make your accounting and financial recruiting process faster and easier by having an expert team on your side? Call or e-mail us at Exceleris today to see what we can do for you.

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About the Author: Dejan Ristic

In 2004, I founded Exceleris. In addition to managing all recruitment aspects of Exceleris, I have consulted (as CFO or in similar roles) with a number of technology companies (both publicly traded and venture funded start-ups)....